Pseudarthrosis tibia

Universitatea de Stat de Medicină şi Farmacie "Nicolae Testemiţanu" Abstract: Introduction Vascularized bone plasty, is described in literature like a good method in treatment of nonunion.

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The priviledges of this method, is stimulation of osteogenesis through blood supply and initiation of consolidation where is was imposible earlier.

Purpose Implimentation of the vascularized plasty method with corticoperiostealskin flap in treatment guide of septic pseudarthrosis of tibia bone. Clinical case presentation.

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Material and methods Clinical case: 45 y. Hospitalization diagnosis: pseudarthrosis of the tibia, distal third, with tibial bone defect and soft tissue defect of the ankle region.

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Results The case was solved using the corticoperiosteal-skin tibial perforator flap for arthrodesis of the ankle and for bone and soft tissue recovering.

At 6 months after the surgery, pseudarthrosis tibia obtained the consolidation, at 1 year the metal plate was removed.

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At 1 year 5 months post op. Conclusions Vascularized corticoperiosteal-skin flap, can be a good method in treatment of septic pseudarthrosis of the tibia.

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